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Artist Bio:

Obsessed with: The ocean, my dogs and walking my dogs (basically i'm just obsessed with my dogs).

I am a country girl at heart and returned to my south west Australian roots after studying a bachelor of arts with a double major in Graphic Design & Creative Advertising/ Photography at Curtin University. From there I did the 9-5 advertising agency thing in Perth where I learned (what felt like) a million years worth of work in one year. This was great as I learned so much in the time I was there, however life was calling me elsewhere and I left the daily grind to have a stint in a van around the world with my partner. This year of floating around got me in touch with my creativity again (AND we didn't have access to internet!!) and reminded me to focus on the small pleasures in life and try to capture them.

Hence, now I am living on a 100 acre block in a shed in the picturesque Ferguson Valley and working between here, Bunbury and the greater south west region in photography and graphic design. 

All of my creations are made with a full, solid heart. From weddings to commercial and prints - I put my all in to each and every frame and like to think that everything I do is a reflection of myself.


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