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Artist Bio:

S2 Resin Art is comprised of sisters Nerida Wallace and Leah Henderson based in Harvey and Bunbury WA. 

Resin is a two part compound that hardens to a clear glossy finish with inks and pigments added for colour creating unique and amazing pieces of art. S2 create wall artworks on MDF boards in round, square and rectangles to custom sizes and colours as well as a small range of home wares including cheeseboards, serving platters, coasters, trays and clocks. The majority of the art work is created by Nerida while Leah provides business advice and was the originator of using resin.


Inspired by: The vibrancy of the colours that they can use and the pleasure it brings to people who see it. Resin is so unique in it's final appearance and so striking that it drives the creativity within.


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