In 2019, Maker + Co will deliver a community program (The Maker Program) that aligns with our vision and mission and strengthens our position as a growing force for social and economic development in Western Australia.

The Maker Program will combine bespoke programs created by the Maker + Co Directors with elements that have been delivered successfully, multiple times, in other regions across Western Australia. All program elements will combine community and capacity building within the innovation ecosystem with an absolute focus on increasing Maker + Co’s financial sustainability from 2019-2021. As our business matures, our role as investors becomes clearer and more achievable. We have made a significant investment into the SW innovation ecosystem and the creative sector. The Maker Program 2019 is a major step forward for us and we look forward to seeing the Maker community flourish.  


Our Vision

Maker + Co connects a global community of inventors, creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators. We use our hearts and our minds to create a brighter, smarter future for our local community and our world


Our Mission and Key Objectives

Maker + Co is a future focused social enterprise on a mission. We are forging new markets for innovation and creativity as we move into the fourth industrial revolution.

Our spaces, services and events will:

  • Incubate creative, innovative or social impact focused enterprise

  • Design, commercialise and accelerate products and services into national and international markets

  • Create employment and economic opportunities for high school and university students and graduates

  • Inspire a new generation of critical and creative thinkers to become the communities our future will need

  • Provide social and economic opportunities to traditionally marginalised people


Here are some things we know

and some things we would like to do:

We know that technology is changing the world.

  • We would like to empower communities to explore what is possible and make sure no one gets left behind

We know that Millennials spend consciously and they are demanding we do better. We need to catch up. Fast.

  • We would like to incubate innovative and social impact focused enterprises and accelerate brilliant, sustainable products into global markets   

We know that Australia’s Indigenous cultures are the oldest living cultures in the world and they are at risk.

  • We would like to assist Indigenous entrepreneurs in creating strong cultural enterprises

We know that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths are interwoven. And equally critical.

  • We would like young people to be excited and inspired by all of them


We’ve collaborated with our amazing partners at ECU and Meshpoints (the peak body for innovation hubs in regional WA) to create the Maker program and we really hope you can jump on board as a member, a partner or a participant!



We look forward to sharing some more news about our 2019 partners in our next newsletter. Stay tuned!

Aimee Vandersteen