5 ways a Hackathon Can Improve your Business


A Hackathon is an event of any duration where people come together to solve a problem. 
They operate on the principle that a problem is more likely to be solved if people are restricted in time to do so. This time pressure combined with a large in-group diversity of skills and perspectives, create the ultimate breeding ground for innovation and creativity. 

Once only used by the IT world, Hackathons are becoming increasingly popular amongst all different types of professions. They can be held in two different ways. Internal hackathons involve people only from your company, whereas community hackathons involve people from your company as well as anyone else in the community who is interested in the theme. At either of these Hackathons, groups of usually 2-5 people are formed and at the end of the session, they present their idea to a panel. The judges on the panel then usually award prizes to those who come up with the best idea.

Hackathons can be extremely beneficial to your business, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Brings employees together and increases morale, improving the employee experience.

2. Builds your brand within the community through word of mouth, as well as exposing you to potential new employees. 

3. Generates innovative ways to solve an issue

4. Generates completely new ideas for products and marketing

5. Drives inspiration internally

Interested in hosting a Hackathon for your business? Maker + Co can assist in facilitating, organising and hosting your event. Contact us now with any inquiries. 

Aimee Vandersteen