Arts & Business Workshop with Andrew Frazer


WHEN: Saturday August 11th 2:00pm - 5:00pm
WHERE: ECU CBD Learning Hub (downstairs at Maker)
TICKETS: General $45, ECU student discount $22.50

Proudly supported by Maker+Co, ECU CBD Learning Hub, Creative Corner & South West Development Commission : A workshop by Andrew Frazer focused on developing your arts practise into a sustainable business.

Come journey with Andrew as he shares practical steps & real life experiences that seek to provoke, equip & inspire.

Subjects will include : 
+ Folio - How to create a body of work that represents who you are & where you are going.
+ Inspiration - How to be inspired without comparison corroding your creativity.
+ Balance - How to balance your distribtuion of time between work, health, social, family...etc
+ Finances - How to structure your practise / lifestyle to reflect your budget.
+ Momentum - How to project plan into the future while not drowning out spontaneity. 
+ Ups & Downs - How to be responsive & not reactive to your creative journey.
+ Diversify - How to embrace opportunities while not losing focus.
+ Collaboration - How to create & sustain collaborations without getting weird with ‘networking’.
+ Communication - How to stay accessible, personable & authentic with clients.
+ Professionalism - How to grow in your skills, approach & implementation.
+ Pricing - How to cost your personal investment of time. materials & knowledge for each project.
+ Structure - How to take care of your business back end at the start so it doesn’t overwhelm you later on.

*50% Discount will be made available to all current ECU students and Maker+Co members / coworkers - promo code available at checkout via the above link.

Aimee Vandersteen