Co-worker of the month - Spirited Thinking Design

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Spirited Thinking Design is a niche technology design firm creating engaging spaces for people. Specialising in the technology systems for culture & the arts, theatre & entertainment, communications or business applications.

Technology presents opportunities and options which can be confusing. What is the best choice? Should one opt for doing what everyone else does or not? As technology becomes part of more and more of our world, the need to take charge and utilise it appropriately increases correspondingly. Specialised applications require experienced steady hands.

What have they been up to recently?

WA Athletics Stadium sound system received a carefully managed upgrade to achieve a substantial improvement using only the maintenance budget. The original sound system was radically under performing and people were complaining at every event of missing their announcements to compete. If competitors can’t make their events, the meet isn’t going to run well.

"As always there was no money for the required upgrade. By designing a small PA system, just 4 loudspeakers mounted on the grandstand roof, we are able to cover the entire field, running track and all spectator mounds. Thats 100% coverage.” says Peter, the senior designer. We scoped a project across 2 years, using the maintenance budget.”, he added. "Every single user has commented on how well the system works. Its was great to over deliver on an under budget.”.