Why Art is Beneficial to Your Health



We already know painting is a lot of fun, but did you know it is also super beneficial to your mental health? Not only is painting relaxing and stress-reducing, it also strengthens your memory and improves your problem-solving skills (as if we needed more reason to get arty!). You can read more about the benefits here

By painting in a group, a whole new layer of benefits is added to this. Not only are you enhancing your brain function, but you are now also getting your daily fix of socialisation (stress reducing!), adding new skills to your creative toolbox AND potentially opening up networking opportunities. If you need further convincing, this article does a pretty good job.

So that's why we are calling ALL amateur, experienced and soon-to-be artists who love painting, good company and cool spaces to join the Five Cats Art Group

Jeanette McNabb is a self-taught artist of 20 years. Mentored by some incredible artists herself, she finds joy in passing on all that she has learnt in attempt to help others in their own unique pursuits.

This class will see the group meet weekly where Jeanette will help navigate each student to create their own unique art piece whilst sharing some wisdom along the way.

Located in the shop front of the Maker + Co Collective in Bunbury’s CBD, this beautiful, historic and unique space is the perfect environment for an artist’s creativity to flourish. 

This class will run in school terms - attendees can choose to attend individual lessons for $35 per lesson, or buy the whole of term 2 for $210 ($30 per class).

Easel, table, tea, coffee and nibbles provided, BYO all other equipment.

To purchase a lesson or term please email Jeanette at munquie@yahoo.com.au or call her on 0427 085 608