Maker + Co \ Bunuru "Second Summer"


There’s a lot of stuff going on upstairs at Maker + Co and we are ridiculously excited to start sharing that all with you through our blog. We will get into the details of our business, and the people behind the brand (the fun bit!) as the weeks progress. Maker + Co is split into three focus areas; Co Working, Innovation + Creativity, it basically means we get to work on some amazing projects with awesome partners.

First up, we wanted to introduce you to our way of programming in relation to the Six Nyoongar Seasons, timely, as today is the start of Bunuru. This falls neatly into Creativity, headed up by the amazing Colette McEntee (Arts Consultant, passionate advocate for arts in regional areas, aboriginal development in the arts, development of artists in the arts, basically, all the creative hat stuff) if you haven’t met Colette yet, never fear, her blog bio post is coming up shortly…

Bunuru (February + March) is also known as the ‘Second Summer’, it’s the hottest part of the year, and a time when traditionally, everyone headed to the coastal areas and rivers to fish and crab, and take advantage of the cooling sea breezes in the afternoons. It’s an awesome time in the South West, with the abundance of seafood on offer, mullet, whiting and crabs all fattening up nicely and being enjoyed by all. I was having a yarn with Troy Bennell about Bunuru, trying to understand the ‘feeling’ of what traditional aboriginal groups would be up to for the next two months. It was a great insight, there are plenty of ceremonies and gatherings, and it’s a really sociable time of the year. There is a lot of activity by the coast, but interestingly, the older generations prefer to head on up the Collie River, it was a time for yarning, doing business, and planning for the time ahead. Extended family were involved, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and it built a real sense of community and camaraderie.

So it is for us, the Bunuru season is a challenging time in a historic building with lack of climate control, so we will be getting out and about, focusing on our facilitation services, traveling around (sticking to the coast) and building our sense of community in the Creativity space, extending our partnerships (more on that in the coming months), and generally having a great time. We’d love to know what Bunuru Season means for you, and your family, and how the weather and the seasons shape your mood. For me, it’s my favorite season of the year. The hotter the better, and those long summer evenings spent with family and friends, getting excited about the festivals and celebrations in the next couple of months, as well as networking with our business buddies, means we can set ourselves up for an amazing 2017!

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