Co-worker of the Week - Cabin Creative


After years of working for large ad agencies in Perth, Cabin Creative launched in the coastal town of Bunbury in 2017 after noticing a definite need for a creative design service in the region.

Curious about how the two businesses could work together, creative director Tessa Eckersley approached Maker + Co and met with director Colette McEntee. Here, she was informed of Maker + Co’s incubation program and felt it was a good fit for her business. Through this arrangement, Cabin Creative would receive a co-working space in the building in exchange for her graphic design and marketing services. 

Thanks to networking and partnership opportunities that arose through this arrangement, Cabin Creative had grown bigger than anticipated, with demand for the business great enough to call upon a second graphic designer to join the crew!

Today, Cabin Creative is still growing and continues to share the beautiful co-working space at Maker + Co while driving their, and many others, marketing endeavours.