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Hi. My name’s Bee and I’m the owner/creator of Jagged Fin. I create bags and accessories for wonder women who are juggling marriage, motherhood, career, coping with this crazy world and all that shizzle.

Don’t you find it frustrating when your phone is ringing somewhere in the depths of your bag and you can’t find it for looking? That happened a few times too many to me so I decided to design myself a bag where everything could be organised for fast retrieval. The bag had to be washable, secure, and super good-lookin’. I wanted the ULTIMATE bag, which is what I started calling the project and that’s what I still call it today. My Ultimate bag has a closed zipper pocket at the front for keys, a compartment for purse and phone, a second compartment for other items and a zippered back pocket for MORE items! But I spend hardly any time at all looking for what I need because everything has its own place. .