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Q: What exactly is Maker + Co?

A: We are a social enterprise trading in space and time on our mission to grow an inclusive community AND improve the startup and small business landscape in the South West. Our activities centre around three pillars of co-working, innovation and creativity.

Q: What is a social enterprise?

A: A social enterprise is an organisation that employs commercial strategies to intentionally tackle social problems and to maximise improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being.

Q: What did your building used to be?

A: The Maker + Co building has always been a significant part of Bunbury. It was originally built in 1905 as a Victorian stage theatre before the entire front of the building was destroyed by fire in the 1930’s. Since then the building has taken on many faces. From a cinema, to a dance hall to a furniture store and now standing proudly refurbished as Maker + Co. 

Q: What is co-working all about?

A: Unlike a traditional office, a co-working space is a shared workplace where like-minded people can come together and combine forces - creating the perfect breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Working in a co-working space allows networking opportunities to arise that otherwise wouldn’t when working in isolation.


Q: When are you open?

A: We are open 9am - 4pm every weekday for public use (either for co-working hot desk or meeting space), however, full-time co-workers have 24/7 access to the building.
We also open outside of these times and on weekends for special events – see what's on at Maker + Co HERE. Enquire about booking the space HERE.


Q: Do you have climate control?

A: Climate control is available in our downstairs function area.  The remainder of the building does not have climate control which makes it one of the most ‘healthy’ buildings in the area.


Q: What does it mean to be an innovation space?

A: At Maker + Co our primary motivation is human interaction and connection. We achieve this through our co-working space and relationships with like minded individuals and organisations, such as our partnership with Edith Cowan University. This combined with technology, design thinking and the beauty of our building create the perfect environment for innovation.


Q: How are you funded?

A: Maker + Co is a proprietary limited company. Husband and wife team, Craig Holland and Colette McEntee are the Maker + Co directors. Maker trades through its co-working, venue hire, retail, partnerships and consultancy to pay the bills and most importantly deliver back into the community. We are a unique entity in this way across regional Australia.


Q: What kind of consultancy work do you do?

A: In addition to providing one of the most iconic and beautiful places in Bunbury, the team at Maker + Co can provide other valuable services. You can view these services and how we use them HERE.


Q: How do I get involved

A: To get involved either pop on in and say hello to one of our team members, or send an enquiry online HERE.



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