Front of House + Stage Left + The Staircase


Applications are now open at Maker + Co Collective for January to June 2019.


For information on how to apply, please read below.


Note: We will post submissions regularly throughout the year.

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Front of House - $600

Large wall space, with window frontage

3.4m + 3.4m + .9m + .9m


Staircase - $250

Ideal for emerging artists, or larger artworks (up a staircase)

First landing: 3m + 2m + 1.8m / Second landing 3m + 3.5m / + additional wall space above railing


Left – $150

Smaller space ideal for installations or smaller works

1.3m + 1.2m (door) + 1.6m


Lyric Hub – negotiable

Whilst this space is larger, it is often used for larger style events and therefore works displayed will be re-arranged accordingly

Floorplans for spaces.jpg