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LEXM: Sohan Ariel Hayes

Nine Streams in the Borna Malliji (Tree of Shadow) 2014

Nine Streams in the Borna Malliji (Tree of Shadow) 2014

The newly established League of Extraordinary Makers (LEXM) is connecting inventors, creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators. By joining forces, this allows industries to build beyond their limits and create projects never thought possible. Join us for LEXM’s regular sundowner sessions over drinks and nibbles to produce sparks and connect you to a series of bright and brilliant minds. 

This session, we are joined by Sohan Ariel Hayes, a visual artist internationally acclaimed for his large-scale multimedia installations, public projects, and performance collaborations. His site-responsive process works with drawing, projection and archival materials to invoke particular places, collective voices, and communities of labor.

Noted for an exquisite use of technology, his ephemeral environments create immersive experiences that poetically respond to the architectural presence and social history of their sites. Whether inhabiting a building four stories high or confined to the surface of a shell, the genesis of Hayes art extends outwards from the primary projection of heart and mind. 

This year Hayes worked closely with Zoe Atkinson to produce the visual design for 2019 Perth Festival epic opening event Boorna Waanginy, experienced by 230,000 visitors. 

This event is FREE for Maker + Co Members, and $20 for non-members. To find out more about becoming a member, click here