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30 Foot Drop: Tapping in Part 1


*** This is part 1 of a three part workshop ***

In today’s crowded business world it is becoming harder to find the new niche for your products and services, but what if we told you that there is an ‘untapped’ population who have clear, persistent needs that are not being adequately fulfilled? This population spans the world and includes motivated customers with an estimated disposable income of $54 million (and growing!) Australia wide.

Here at 30 Foot Drop we have done the research and we’re ready to share our knowledge on how businesses can begin Tapping In. Come along to one of our workshops to find out more.

Tapping in Part 1 – Why Access and Inclusion is worth investing in and how your business can get 
its share

Researching a new market segment takes time – the most important and most limited resource you have. Thankfully, when it comes to people with a disability, 30 Foot Drop has done the research for you.

We’ve painstakingly combed through statistics, research and reports to determine their credibility and compiled them into an informative and entertaining package that will have you wondering why you
haven’t thought of this before