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Ngany Troy Bennell Exhibition


Ngany Troy Bennell is the inaugural exhibition in the Six Seasons Arts Program curated by Maker + Co’s Creative Director Colette McEntee and supported by WAITOC and the City of Bunbury. The exhibition will show a series of Troy’s powerful works and give attendees the opportunity to add a signature Noongar piece to their art collection.

An acclaimed Australian artist, Troy has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia as an artist, cultural performer, gallery curator and ambassador for tourism in Australia. He has been involved with many of the public art projects in and around Bunbury. Closest to his heart are those that celebrate and commemorate the historical and cultural contributions of the local Noongar people in the region.

Proud of his Noongar heritage, his country and the place where he grew up, Troy has combined his passions into Ngalang Wongi Aboriginal Cultural Tours and uses his skills in tourism and story telling to promote his greatest passion... his homeland and the cultural heritage of his people.

-Friday 16th 6:30 - 8:30
-FREE (ticket required)
-Complementary glass of champagne offered on arrival.

-Open from Saturday 17th - Friday 23rd 10am - 3pm
-No ticket required