Spirited Thinking is a niche design consultancy and content maker providing a wide range of services centred around creating engaging and immersive experiences.

With over 35 years experience in creating content such as sound mixing and, sound production design and sound system design for live performance/events/broadcasts including composition of soundscapes and effects we have in the last decade expanded this base into vision and display systems. Our projects have taken us throughout Australasia, South East Asia and been across a broad range of scales from small intimate spaces/events working intimately and by contrast up to large international public events, concerts and festivals which provide the opportunity to create a grand scale.

Presently we focus upon designing systems and spaces for the following:
- BUILDINGS & SPACES: Theatres & live performance, music & drama, museums, sports & recreation, museum & galleries. 
- SYSTEMS & CONTENT: sound production for music, drama & museum; sound design composition of soundscapes & effects; digital media, signage platforms, cinema/presentation; AV

- Design input for buildings and spaces (operational planning);
- Assessment and improvement of systems (AV and presentation/entertainment technology),;
- Management and business (process and documentation development),;
- Composition and production (sound projects)

Spirited Thinking Design proudly joins the Maker family based regionally in Bunbury in the beautiful South West.