Maker Members

Maker Members get a range of benefits the average Joe is missing out on... get on board with our growing base of members and you'll get access to our start-up network, f*up nights, pitch nights, collective catch-ups, and all round good times... 

What you get...

  • 1 day / month Hot Desk Access
  • VIP access to our invite only events (below)
  • 10 Business Mentor Hours / year (Business, Creative, Arts, Mining, Innovation, Entrepreneurial.. you pick!)
  • Priority application if you decide to join the Maker Family (Full Time Office)
  • Dedicated Members Newsletter designed to help take your ideas, business, and connections to the next level

The damage.... just $99/ year



    Join a group of passionate individuals that catch up once a month to shoot the shit, make big plans, collaborate on innovative ideas and support the future of an economically strong Bunbury and South West together.


    Join us on Tuesday's at lunchtime for a quick inspirational shot in the arm from the legends at TED. A curated weekly event, just the right amount of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.


    F*ck Up Nights  \  Pitch Nights

    We are getting together with some kick ass mentors and businesses to offer you priceless advice, and legendary support to get your ideas off the page and into the big wide world.