Do you want to improve your lifestyle or eating habits and not sure where to start? Maybe you need some support to get you to your goals and work through the barriers that are holding you back? Let us help you take a non-diet approach to get your health on track with weekly sessions to set your goals, healthy eating plans and working through emotional barriers. We believe that food truly is your medicine and building a healthy relationship with food while understanding the benefits to counting the quality of your food, not calories.

We have 3 levels of Packages to help you reach your goals that can be done locally in the Bunbury region or via Skype with structured weekly plans

Lifestyle and Nutrition

Are you stuck on nutrients, recipes, food substitutes or just budget minded, healthy family recipes? Let us help you plan out your weekly menus with some simple suggestions or maybe you would like us to give your kitchen cupboard a review to help you set up basic, wholesome ingredients to provide you and your family nutritious meals that even the fussiest eater will enjoy (we’ve raised kids, we understand).

Maybe you need a kick start on your fitness and need a personal plan written for you based on your lifestyle and the type of exercise you enjoy? We believe movement is an essential piece in connecting your total body and mind health just by fitting in a few sessions per week that can be done in the comfort of your home, outdoors or travelling on the road