Jordan Gian


Jordan Gianfrancesco is a designer and thought provoker. Specialising in thoughtful reactions created through design, business and the occasional act of public service to provoke an action of thought or change. 

At the age of 19 Jordan quit studying a double degree in Design and Philosophy and decided to continue traveling and exploring. It wasn't until plans came unstuck when the devastating Tsunami that rocked Japan in 2011 forced the cancelation of all travel plans. At this point Jordan made the conscious decision to start investing in his own ideas.

“Ideas are free.... Turn that idea into a pebble and drop it. The better the idea the bigger the wake.”

— Jordan Gian

These ideas manifested into multiple businesses over the next 6 years. Including Drkrm/Cncpt (Mens streetwear brand and concept store) Maker+Co (460mtrsq creative Co-working Space) Lost Bills (Small Bar) High&Dry (Events Company) Hatch (Design Agency) The X2Y Concept (Young professionals business group) TheTmrw (Online Lifestyle Blog and Online Store) Whitewash (Surf Hardware Shop and Brand) J.Gian Studio (For hire photographic studio). 

All before his 25th Birthday.

During this time, Jordan has had some close calls - the most live changing was being apart of a fatal shark attack that was to shape the future "f**k it, lets do it" mindset for Jordan. Always being reminded how fragile life is, Jordan strives to at least give things ago - Rarely saying not to a good (or not so good) opportunity.