Co-worker of the Week - Cabin Creative


After years of working for large ad agencies in Perth, Cabin Creative launched in the coastal town of Bunbury in 2017 after noticing a definite need for a creative design service in the region.

Curious about how the two businesses could work together, creative director Tessa Eckersley approached Maker + Co and met with director Colette McEntee. Here, she was informed of Maker + Co’s incubation program and felt it was a good fit for her business. Through this arrangement, Cabin Creative would receive a co-working space in the building in exchange for her graphic design and marketing services. 

Thanks to networking and partnership opportunities that arose through this arrangement, Cabin Creative had grown bigger than anticipated, with demand for the business great enough to call upon a second graphic designer to join the crew!

Today, Cabin Creative is still growing and continues to share the beautiful co-working space at Maker + Co while driving their, and many others, marketing endeavours. 

More about the Makers - A Year in Review

It was August 2016 when a monumental shift occurred in the heart of Bunbury’s CBD. With great tenderness and care, an iconic business in one of Bunbury’s most treasured and historic buildings, Maker + Co, was passed down from young entrepreneur Jordan Gianfrancesco to Makers, Craig Holland, Colette McEntee  and Katie Van Den Brand. 

2017 was a year of blood, sweat and tears. Gaining traction for the business was tough. But our Makers were determined to keep the faith and gain increased momentum for the creative and innovative movement in the region.

The Directors at Maker + Co have a large range of skills in creative and innovative business development as well as in governance and project management: skills that have allowed for successful delivery of projects including:

South West Autism Network - Business Plan
Country Arts WA & the Chamber of Arts and Culture WA
- Mapping Arts and Culture in Regional Western Australia
CircuitWest - Needs Analysis of Regional Performing Arts Centres in WA
Donnybrook Chamber of Commerce - Strategic Plan
Noongar Country 2017 - Exhibition Coordination Services
Margaret River Wine Association - Arts Consultancy services
State Innovation Strategy - Regional Addendum Contributor

Regional Rural and Remote Women’s Network of WA - Governance, communication and human resources support

And now a quick word from our directors about their year highlights!

Craig – my greatest moment was looking at the bank account and having enough to cover more than one month’s rent!  I love being a driver for our creative retail space and seeing our artists and businesses grow.

Colette – The night we launched Downstairs @ Maker + Co was a highlight for me. The energy, support and good will within our partnership and in the community around us gave me total confidence in what we are creating here at Maker + Co.

Katie - being recognised by Hon. Alannah MacTiernan (Minister for Regional Development, Agriculture and Food) as the driver of Innovation in the South West Region. Reflecting the work that has been done by Maker + Co around building and guiding a culture of innovation in Bunbury and the wider State, through our passion for collaborating to build community and ensure economic benefit for the regions. 

A huge THANKYOU goes out to Maker + Co’s Foundation Partner, Edith Cowan University, whose support made Makers first great chapter possible.

And 2018 is set to be even bigger, better and brighter with many other great projects already underway!

These so far include:

Bunbury Wellington Economic Alliance - A Revitalised Economic Alliance for Bunbury Geographe
Bunbury Regional Art Galleries - SW Noongar Arts Strategy
City of Bunbury and WAITOC – Six Seasons Arts and Events
Breakaway Aboriginal Corporation - Strategic Plan, Business Plan and Website construction.
City of Mandurah - New Bridge Public Art
Stirling Street Arts Centre -  Summer School Tuition
South West Women’s Refuge - Strategic Plan

We can’t wait to see what we can achieve in 2018. Watch this space!

2018 Maker + Co Program Coming Soon!

Trading in space and time, we are on a mission to grow an inclusive community AND improve the startup and small business landscape in the South West. We do this by driving economic diversity; refusing to accept the status quo; incubating creative and innovative entrepreneurs and making sure marginalised people are front and centre in our thinking and planning.  

In 2018, Maker + Co will deliver a program aimed at growing the most creative, innovative and inclusive community possible.  We will present meet ups, workshops, lectures, member only events and lots more throughout the year to make sure we are as valuable as possible to YOU. 

Keep up to date with updates to the program by following us on Facebook or signing up to our newsletter!


Maker + Co to Launch Artisan Retail Space

The face of the Maker + Co building is changing.  The owners are completing extensive works on the externals of our wonderful building that will result in 75b Victoria Street becoming one of the most iconic buildings in the city of Bunbury.  The interior of Maker is always changing but retains the eclectic cool that is has always maintained.  This is an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of what is hoped to become the premier artisan retail space in the South West and beyond.

We will be developing a curated retail space at the entrance of our offices at 75b Victoria Street Bunbury. In keeping with our mission to assist innovative and creative businesses and organisations we are looking for artists and artisans in the South West who would like to showcase and sell their works from Maker + Co.  We have developed some flexible packages that will suit most people.

If you are interested call Craig on 0438909019 or email


Maker + Co \ Bunuru 'Second Summer

There’s a lot of stuff going on upstairs at Maker + Co and we are ridiculously excited to start sharing that all with you through our blog. We will get into the details of our business, and the people behind the brand (the fun bit!) as the weeks progress. Maker + Co is split into three focus areas; Co Working, Innovation + Creativity, it basically means we get to work on some amazing projects with awesome partners.

First up, we wanted to introduce you to our way of programming in relation to the Six Nyoongar Seasons, timely, as today is the start of Bunuru. This falls neatly into Creativity, headed up by the amazing Colette McEntee (Arts Consultant, passionate advocate for arts in regional areas, aboriginal development in the arts, development of artists in the arts, basically, all the creative hat stuff) if you haven’t met Colette yet, never fear, her blog bio post is coming up shortly…

Bunuru (February + March) is also known as the ‘Second Summer’, it’s the hottest part of the year, and a time when traditionally, everyone headed to the coastal areas and rivers to fish and crab, and take advantage of the cooling sea breezes in the afternoons. It’s an awesome time in the South West, with the abundance of seafood on offer, mullet, whiting and crabs all fattening up nicely and being enjoyed by all. I was having a yarn with Troy Bennell about Bunuru, trying to understand the ‘feeling’ of what traditional aboriginal groups would be up to for the next two months. It was a great insight, there are plenty of ceremonies and gatherings, and it’s a really sociable time of the year. There is a lot of activity by the coast, but interestingly, the older generations prefer to head on up the Collie River, it was a time for yarning, doing business, and planning for the time ahead. Extended family were involved, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and it built a real sense of community and camaraderie.

So it is for us, the Bunuru season is a challenging time in a historic building with lack of climate control, so we will be getting out and about, focusing on our facilitation services, traveling around (sticking to the coast) and building our sense of community in the Creativity space, extending our partnerships (more on that in the coming months), and generally having a great time. We’d love to know what Bunuru Season means for you, and your family, and how the weather and the seasons shape your mood. For me, it’s my favorite season of the year. The hotter the better, and those long summer evenings spent with family and friends, getting excited about the festivals and celebrations in the next couple of months, as well as networking with our business buddies, means we can set ourselves up for an amazing 2017!


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